In this special segment, Dr. Gwen Kandula of Advanced Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists and her patient, Tiana, share the story of Tiana’s struggle with sudden, Single Sided Deafness and her recent treatment with SoundBite Hearing System. As a high school student, Tiana was devastated to learn she had permanent deafness on her right side. Having conversations in crowded school hallways and going to movies presented significant challenges. Now, four years later, she has been fitted with SoundBite Hearing System, a non-surgical, bone conduction hearing prosthetic. As she reports, “Suddenly, life became a lot less frustrating.” Dr. Kandula explains that SoundBite can help patients with one-sided deafness who have good hearing on the other side. She describes how SoundBite provides clear sound, without distortion, by using bone conduction via the teeth, to transmit sound to the functional ear.

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