Rejoining the conversation with SoundBite Hearing System is easy.

With SoundBite, no surgery is required. Furthermore, no dental work or alterations to the teeth are needed. The custom made system is available in a few simple visits.

To begin the SoundBite Treatment Process, the patient must contact a SoundBite ENT (Ear, Nose, & Throat) physician in his/her local area. The treatment process involves three simple steps explained below:

1) Visit a SoundBite Physician/Audiologist for Evaluation

The path to better hearing begins with a visit to a SoundBite Ear, Nose, & Throat doctor. This physician can also be known as an ENT doctor, otolaryngologist, or otologist, and specializes in hearing loss treatment for conditions such as single-sided deafness. The initial visit will begin with an evaluation to determine if SoundBite Hearing System is recommended. This visit will likely include a hearing exam and discussion of the patient’s unique hearing needs. If SoundBite is prescribed, the patient will be referred to a SoundBite Partner Dentist (who works in partnership with the physician) for a dental check-up and impression of the teeth.

2) Visit a SoundBite Partner Dentist

The SoundBite Partner Dentist will perform a routine dental health check-up to ensure the patient is in good oral health. Once the dentist determines the patient is well-suited for SoundBite, a simple, partial dental impression will be taken. The dental impression will then be sent to Sonitus Medical where a custom made hearing device will be created.

From the patient’s own, unique dental impression, Sonitus Medical will make an ITM
(in-the-mouth) hearing device. The device fits around the upper teeth – either the left side or the right – and will fit comfortably and securely as it is molded to the unique specifications of the patient’s teeth and mouth.

Creating the custom device will take about 2 weeks.

3) Return to the Audiologist and Enjoy A New World of Sound

When the SoundBite system – including the custom ITM device – is ready, it is now time for the patient to return to the ENT’s office for a personalized appointment, which will confidently prepare the patient for a new world of sound.

Typically, the patient will be seen by the ENT’s in-office audiologist. The audiologist is trained to program, adjust, and teach the patient about SoundBite Hearing System so the patient will be ready to snap it on and go!

During this appointment the audiologist will:

  • Program the device
  • Provide the patient with the full SoundBite system (including the system charger and carrying cases for the BTE and ITMs)
  • Show the patient how to charge the components and clean the device
  • Answer any questions about SoundBite

Treatment with SoundBite is simple and easy, preparing patients to enjoy a new world of sound.